Credit Card ArbitrageHaving a great credit history has been due to your hard work and fiscal responsibility.  Loan officers love you!  You don’t have debts, you have a good employment history, and you make sensible decisions.  Filling out paperwork for any financing you want is a mere formality as you chit chat about your plans and goals.  Having a great credit history comes with another added benefit you may have never even heard of before: the ability to make money from setting up authorized user (AU) Tradelines.  What’s that, you say?  Let’s dive into it.

What Are Authorized User Tradelines?

Authorized user tradelines are when you add someone to your credit card account as an authorized user.  While this had been done in the past for spouses and children to be able to use credit cards, the byproduct was an association of the card’s credit history with their names.  If the credit history was good, this helped to create good credit for the new names connected to the account.

Since there is the capability to add anyone as an authorized user (thereby transferring a positive credit history) you have the ability to help others you don’t even know achieve their financial goals.  Authorized users don’t get an actual credit card and they don’t have access to use of the credit line.  They also cannot use the credit card or make any changes to the account.  The privilege they receive from being added is a boost to their credit score by the addition of your perfect payment history.  And this is where you have the opportunity to make money.

How Much Can I Make Selling Tradelines?

How to money with your credit cards Tradeline Club’s commissions can range from $100 to $700 per authorized user, but the exact amount (higher or lower) will depend on a variety of factors.

  • Your credit standing
  • The age of the credit card (credit history)
  • The credit card limit


  • The utilization rate

All of these vectors will be taken into consideration when we determine your commission.  We aren’t greedy and we pay generously.  If you are already selling tradelines and feel you aren’t being paid enough, reach out for a free consultation to see what we can offer you. Does this sound too easy to be true?  Let’s explain.

Credit Card ArbitrageIs Selling Authorized User Tradelines Legal?

This might sound so simple you wonder why everyone isn’t already doing it or if it is, in fact, even legal.  We can assure you that selling AU tradelines is 100% legal. It is even protected by the Fair Credit Act (2008)!  Authorized users don’t have to be related to you and there is no law against the rental or sale of authorized-user designations.  So, why aren’t more people doing it?  Well, for one, they may not have ever heard of it, or they might not have good enough credit to be able to do it.  Now that you’re in the know, how do you get started?  Get in touch to find out how much you could be making from your good credit.

How Do I Get Started Selling Tradelines?

At Tradeline Club, we provide a marketplace to safely sell your AU tradelines.  For a free consultation, fill out the Consultation Form on our website or reach out to us by phone at 1. 814 315.3045 or by email at  We look forward to helping you help others make their dreams come true!