How Can Tradelines Help Me Achieve My Dreams?

Have you been dreaming about getting a car, buying your first home, or some other major life milestones but keep coming up against a low credit score?  While you may be doing all the right things to raise it, it may just not be happening fast enough for your liking: the car you want rises in price, or the house you dreamed of sold to someone who was able to finance it before you were.  Are you worried you’re going to keep missing out on opportunities as well as basic necessities?  That’s where tradelines come in.

Tradelines are a way to build credit by “piggybacking” upon the good credit history of someone else.  While, traditionally, this process was used with someone you knew (like a parent adding a child to their credit card and consequently “sharing” their credit history with them) these days tradelines are from people you don’t even know who are willing to help give you a leg up in difficult times.  Tradelines can help you build credit faster than with revolving and installment loans helping to boost your credit score so that you can get approved for home mortgages, car loans, or business financing.  Credit boosting is different than credit repair but is still 100% legal.  Let’s take a look at the difference.

How to boost my credit scoreCredit Repair vs Credit Boosting

Maybe you’ve heard the term “credit repair” before and thought this was the answer to raising your credit score.  While in some cases it can, it’s not a guarantee that your credit score will improve as fast as with credit boosting.  Repairing credit is simply the process of reviewing what is in your credit report, determining if there are any errors in it, and then resolving those mistakes.  If you have a low credit score but no errors in your report, the repair approach will not actually bring you any improvement.

While it’s definitely a good idea to examine your credit report and make sure it is as it should be, the way to actually boost your credit score is with tradelines.  By temporarily renting someone else’s positive history, your credit scores, too, could actually rise, and it’ll happen much more quickly than doing it on your own.  Whether you are buying a car or a house, starting a business, or merely trying to keep your business afloat, you may not have time to wait.  Having a higher credit score is going to make the loans, mortgages, and financing you need possible.  Let’s imagine tradelines didn’t exist and you had to do this the hard way.  There would be two ways to build your credit: with revolving loans and installment loans.

Building Credit with Revolving and Installment Loans

Credit cards are the most commonly known form of revolving credit, so-called because you borrow money by adding to a balance and then pay it off at set time frames till it is paid.  You might also be familiar with other types of revolving credit, such as lines of credit and home equity lines of credit.  You can continue to borrow more money and simply add it to your balance, which is where the comparison to a revolving door comes in.

Missed payments and balances that are too high will hurt your credit score.  So, the best ways to help build your credit with revolving loans are to demonstrate that you are credible.  You do this by achieving two simple tasks:

  • Paying at least the minimum payment each month on time AND
  • Keeping your balance low

(Some people recommend keeping your balance at less than 10% of the total credit available to you.)

Installment loans differ from revolving loans in that they are fixed amounts of money with fixed (usually monthly) payments. Examples you’re probably familiar with are car loans, student loans, mortgages, and personal loans.  These loans also have the potential to help you build your credit if you pay them in full as agreed upon to show reliability.  They also have the added benefit of giving a better perspective of your financial capabilities as opposed to someone who only has credit cards.  This is called having a credit “mix” and has a positive impact on your credit score.

While both of these credit building techniques are important, neither is as fast as tradelines.  How many months will that dream car or house last on the market as you try to get your money in place?  How long will you have to wait to open the doors on your new business?  Or how much longer can you keep your business operating during times of economic hardship?  This is the time to take a look at the easy way of boosting your credit score.

Tradelines as Lifelines

If you find yourself struggling due to credit issues or just want to bump yourself up to a better credit level, tradelines can be lifelines.  At Tradeline Club, we provide credit score boosting strategies and solutions.  We are ethical people engaging in the 100% legal practice of sharing our good name with yours. Tradelines Club has conducted extensive research and retained legal counsel to advise on the practice of paying someone to add an Authorized User to their credit card account. It is completely legal and is actually protected by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)!

If you aren’t sure where to turn in an economic downturn, reach out to us to discuss how using Tradelines can help get you back on track or further down the trail.  Once you are added as an authorized user, your credit score inherits positive factors that can improve your credit score in less than 60 days. These positive credit boosting factors include:

  • Increase limit to balance (utilization) ratio
  • Increased overall average age of revolving accounts
  • Perfect payment history

All this is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee if your tradeline does not post to your credit report.

For a free consultation, fill out the Consultation Form on our website or reach out to us by phone at 1-814-240-6355 or by email at  We look forward to helping you!