How much can I make?

An amazing side gig!

Earn money in your spare time | credit boosting Erie PACardholders can make anywhere from $100 to $700 for each individual they add as an authorized user on their credit card. Each credit card can have multiple authorized users (AUs) added to the same card. Multiple AUs means multiple payments and great profits. Owners of high-value credit cards could make more than $1,000 per cycle with Tradeline Club – and will only work for a few minutes to make that $1000!

Please let us know if you have questions about your credit card’s value or if you would like to start making money now.

Easy Money. 100% Legal.

Know the facts about credit boosting

  • Authorized Users do not receive the physical credit card or have the ability to use the credit line, but they do get the increased score and perfect payment history.

  • Authorized Users cannot use the credit card or make any changes to the credit account, and they do not have the responsibility to repay any balances that are owed.

  • Credit boosting or credit piggybacking has been happening for over 20 years. It’s 100% legal and it works!

Our Commitment

There is opportunity on both sides of credit boosting. We pride ourselves on providing the best service to our card holders, and customers that purchase our tradelines.

We pay the most generous commissions for authorized user spots and affiliate bonuses for cardholder referrals in the industry. To us, this business is a wealth building club. We want our club filled with honest, like minded individuals that bring their families, friends and people they trust into the fold. That way we all benefit fast and big – not just the guys at the top!

If you are already selling your authorized users spots (tradelines) and only getting small commissions (like $50 per spot) you are not being paid fairly. Call us and we’ll give you a free, no obligation estimate on what you should be receiving for your valuable tradelines. After all, you put in the effort of paying your loans and credit cards on time, therefore, you should receive appropriate reward.

We’re fair, we’re proud of it! And we want to work with you! Give us a call and start making the money you deserve.


We understand that selling your tradelines is often your second job or side business. We are always available to take your call in the evenings and on the weekends.

Start earning with your great credit.

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